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Building Panels


Our Steel building panels are available in 26ga or 29ga and they come in a variety of colors.  The panels can be ordered cut to length, and we have all the trims and accessories to meet your project needs.  Steel panels can be ordered in a variety of rib patterns.  The most common are listed below for a full list of the panels can be viewed at

               Panel-loc plus, this low rib (3/4”) panel provides a contoured rib for increased strength.  Works well for both roof and wall applications, on agricultural or residential projects. 


             Panel-Loc this low rib (5/8”) panel is most commonly used for post frame buildings, residential as well as residential roofing.  Available in 26 gauge and 29 gauge


      R-loc a strong 26 gauge that is a perfect choice for commercial buildings


Horizon-Loc™ is a durable concealed fastener roof system with easy snap together installation.  This panel unique snap-on seam attaches easily with no hand seaming, making installation quicker & more cost effective than traditional standing seam panels.


Available multitude of colors to choose from